St. Anthony's Compassionate Care Program Offers Spiritual, Emotional and Social Comfort and Awareness to Suffering Clients

Our Compassionate Care Companions help clients change, grow and heal.


Our clients face many obstacles in their lives. Chronic conditions such as illness, disabilities, addictions, for some, poverty, have resulted in a sense of hoplessness and profound loneliness. Our Compassionate Care Companions are trained in the art and science of 'compassionate listening', also called 'deep listening', that goes far beyond casual conversation.

Our purpose for providing that service is to help our clients find their way past all of the very real obstacles that create anger, sadness, frustration and sorrow in their lives by engaging in listening to not only the words, but the emotions behind the words.

Our goal is to help each individual grow into a place where — while not ignoring the very real obstacles they face daily — they can find greater peace, joy and love, and connect with their particular version of a 'Higher Power'.

Whether strongly religious or agnostic, even atheistic, humans do experience the spirit within them, and most acknowledge their individual spirit can either heal or harm. It is the acknowledgement of and contact with their Higher Power that we want to awaken in our clients, regardless of their belief systems.

Our Compassionate Care Companions seek to help clients embrace what are described as the "Fruits of the Spirit”: Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Learning over time to substitute those "fruits" for anger, sadness, depression, frustration and hopelessness truly changes lives.

Research studies of health and spirituality suggest that spiritual practices aid in the development of the "Fruits of the Spirit" and have a profound effect on health. Here are some examples: